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Bixins and Norbixins

AICABIX is a natural colorant composed of crystals, which contains bixin pigments extracted from annatto seeds.
This product is mainly used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry to color fats, butters and snacks.

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Social responsibility and sustainable development of quality

Since our beginnings, AICACOLOR has developed a close relationship with its annatto producers throughout our program of “TRATO DIRECTO: or direct treatment. This has allowed us improve the quality of our crops and maintain an organic agriculture which guarantees 100% protection of our ecosystem thru sustainable relationships with our farmers.

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The best quality of our final products for pharmaceutical and food industry

The process between seeds recollection and color extraction is optimized to avoid the progressive deterioration of our seed’s quality. We can accomplish this because our extraction plant is located at the farm-production area.

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